Hong Kong peaceful protest hijacked into riots and violence

Hong Kong protesters called “fight for democracy and freedom” to cover their violence acts, they burnt man alive, assaulted civilians, bullied elder and abused women.
What the HK former governor said about the violence
What Neil Bush said about freedom in Hong Kong
What about police brutality?
There is another site tells a more comprehensive story Truth HK

They burned civilian alive, beat women and elder, also attacked police officer

They threaten drivers’ lives by throwing objects from height

They turned university into weapon factory

They built lethal weapon


Old man beg protesters for mercy

An old man was besieged because he was suspected to remove postings from protester “lennon wall”. He knelt down and beg for mercy, then one of the pedestrians escorted him to get on a car. However, the old man latter got dragged out and beaten by protesters.

Taxi driver beaten and soaked in blood

A taxi driver was beaten up by protesters in Sham Shui Po after he was suspected to have rammed his vehicle into a crowd.
The protesters accused the taxi driver was deliberately ploughing through the crowd, but the taxi driver claimed the vehicle was out of control because a protester was attacking him in the front seat. The following video shows some of the protesters were vandalising the vehicle before the incident.

What’s it about

I’m not a “brainwashed” patriot who carries a Chinese flag and cries when hearing the national anthem. I’m just a normal person who couldn’t tolerate the lopsided media turned a blind eye to the violence of protesters. It is funny to see such a shallow thinking from some of the foreigners who thought anyone against the violence protesters are from CCP or their puppet.

You can have a trillion reasons to hate CCP and I respect that, but don’t let them cover your eyes to see the other side of the protesters, show some respect to the victims, especially the women and elder who got bullied and beaten in this city which ranked 16th in rule of law.

The site only discloses the dark side of the protesters because they are buried by the western & local media. If you want to see police brutality, feel free to google or check out the comments on my site. I’m sure there are plenty.

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391 thoughts on “Hong Kong peaceful protest hijacked into riots and violence

    1. Come on, I am from Hong Kong and now living in HK. I expeienced the brutality of the rioters myself. An old man with his wife got beaten up in the tunnel near Tao Tai Plaza, Ngao Tao Kok by a group of masked young men couple monthes ago. I was on my way after a so-called “Sing National Anthem” event. The crowd surrounded him, abused him with dirty words like “f your Mom”. Another young one knocked him down on the ground. Together with his wife I managed to pull him up and dragged him away from scene. I should say there are many protesters who want peaceful demonstration but all parades were followed by riots. So many cases, as in the video shown, were rioters beaten up people who have different political views or who were trying to move road blocks set up by rioters who tried to paralized the traffic. So much facts and most HK People knows. So please look at the fact that rioters are brutally treated ordinary people. Don’t lie to the world that you are peaceful demonstrator cause you are not. Don’t tell the world you are asking for freedom because you are fobiddind me from freedom of speech, freedom of even going to work.

    2. 视频就在上面,还在狡辩呢?看来这个网站的名字钓到了不少撒谎成性的骗子。

    1. Turns out the black shirtie yobs are all either jobless fucks or useless teenagers living off their mums and dads, who do not create any real value for the society and would do anything to damage and disrupt the society for HKD1000 a day. Even more disgusting and pathetic than the rioting fuckers in the 2011 London Riot and 2018 French yellow-vests.

      These jobless fuckers rushed to register themselves in early July before the deadline to register themselves as voters, then managed to tip the balance of the flimsy ‘first past the post” systems in HK in favour of the good-for-nothing fake democratic party (check out their winning candidates – drug taking fucks, prostitutes, under-skirt peepers …) despite that the 45:55 electoral base split hasn’t ever changed. These black shirtie useless fuckers think manipulating the majority with the help of the rotten Apple fake news will help them get away with anything and will enable them to continue smearing the mild and meek HK policemen and women who worked hard and make personal sacrifices to maintain the precious public order, but they are wrong. They will be caught with their pants down fucking their “angels” one day and even the UK will not want these fuckers to work as low-class immigrants in its Chinese take-aways.

    1. 那就请你拿出伪造的证据,而不是在这里假装观众都是瞎子、期待他们不会点击上面的视频进行观看。

  1. Thank you for disclosing the truth. People are still telling lies and say the protestors are peaceful. If there is no violence there will be no need for the HK police force to control the riots. So many BS from the liars who support the rioters, spreading rumors, and destroying the society just to get their propaganda done. The taxi driver was attacked, while a bunch of rioters got inside his taxi. And he was so scared he stepped on the peddler by accident . Then they beat him to near death. Even if you people accused the drive drove into the crowd,.the crowd has no right to beat him to near death execution style. You should call the police.

  2. Definitely edited clips and twisted facts. Doesn’t reveal the whole story, there’re tons of proof that the videos used are clipped just to prove false accusations. Shame on those hired and paid by pro Beijing camp to show something like this. You can NEVER hide the real truth!

    1. Show usvthe proof or stop your shamefully smearing without any supports! We are not as thoughtless as YOU and those students who only believe what they want to believe and ignore the truth!

  3. Hi,
    These are not the real facts of the stories.
    They are only edited episodes of the happenings.
    They are not the truth, the whole truth.
    They wanted to make use of these edited moments to harm the student movement
    and send wrong impression to the world
    That the students and youngsters are cruel rioters.
    Besides who are those radical protesters are still being investigated.
    They have never been arrested.
    We Hongkongers know what is happening around.
    We know what the conspiracy is .
    We stand firm with Hong Kong.

    1. I would suggest you put your comment on all those video or photos taken by RTHK and Apple Daily. They are the media who lies. You are from Hong Kong and so am I. For god sake please never put yourself as the representatives as you don’t represent me.

    1. Fucking black shirtie yobs are all fucking losers and they even murdered and raped their own girls (“angels”) and blamed the police for them. Disgusting.

  4. The so-called violence of the protestors has been reaction to the police’s brutality. It is therefore urged by Hong Kongers that an independent investigative committee be set up to curb it but it has been unreasonably refused by the government. The Hong Kong Human Right and Democracy Act is a powerful deterring factor to stop police’s brutality too!

    1. How about protesters attacked citizens ? Also because of unrelated police’s brutality ???? You comment makes no sense at all.

      1. Those “citizens” being beaten belong to pro-China triad groups in Hong Kong. They have been attacking protesters and police is keeping a blind eye. That’s why the protesters beat them as self defence. Everyone in Hong Kong knew this.

      1. Dear Fucking Black Shirts,

        Please feel free to go on strikes yourselves as you wanted (you wouldn’t have a fucking job to go to anyway, “protesting” on the streets from Monday to Friday), but don’t destroy the MTR stations and block the roads to stop other people from getting to work – we have a damily to support and a living to make, and we don’t have the HKD1000 a day “subsidy” you receive from the US and Taiwan for damaging and destroying your homeland. The money paid to you must be money well spent for the US and Taiwan – usually it’s very hard to find stupid fucks like you who would do anything to damage your own homeland for 1000.

        Besides, please stop killing the street cleaners who had to remove the road blocks and fliers as part of their job – they are just doing their job…

        Best regards,
        An honest worker

    1. Dear Fucking Black Shirts,

      Please feel free to go on strikes yourselves as you wanted (you wouldn’t have a fucking job to go to anyway, “protesting” on the streets from Monday to Friday), but don’t destroy the MTR stations and block the roads to stop other people from getting to work – we have a damily to support and a living to make, and we don’t have the HKD1000 a day “subsidy” you receive from the US and Taiwan for damaging and destroying your homeland. The money paid to you must be money well spent for the US and Taiwan – usually it’s very hard to find stupid fucks like you who would do anything to damage your own homeland for 1000.

      Besides, please stop killing the street cleaners who had to remove the road blocks and fliers as part of their job – they are just doing their job…

      Best regards,
      An honest worker

  5. They are true. Riots, railway and subway destroy, patrol fire bombs, burning shops, shopping malls and banks, breaking traffic lights, throwing breaks and iron bars to police and the public, etc have been happening for 5 months. I have lived in HK for 51 years and never seen local riots like these before.

  6. As a local, I can say this website is completely biased and untrue.

    1. The majority of protestors are peaceful and non-violent. If you look back at the June protests where 2 millions joined and the recent district election where the pan democrats won majority of the seats, you can see how peaceful Hong Kong protestors are. Putting these videos here and trying to use them as an excuse to justify violence towards ALL protestors is unjust. The escalation of violence from both sides stemmed from the corrupt government’s inability to listen to the people and the policemen’s brutality towards commoners. Now the police officers don’t even allow legal protests anymore, instead opting to corner up people in dark shirts in metro stations just to pepper stray them and arrest them over carrying laser guns and detergent…

    2. Many clips are edited and do not show the whole side of the picture. Why is the taxi driver beaten up? Cause he DELIBERATELY drove a car into a crowd of protestors, multiple people were injured and a girl’s left in a wheelchair for the rest of her life. Why was the old man beaten up? Cause he’s attacking protestors with knives and batons. It’s true that violence should be avoided at all cost and no one wants to see blood anywhere, claiming that retaliation is as bad as initiating violence is hypocritical at best. It’s akin to blaming a rape victim for fighting back, without pointing a finger at the rapist at all.

    In a lawful world, people would contact the law enforcement and let them bring the suspect to court for a fair trial. But this is no longer the case as policemen have let pro-government attackers roam free for countless times. The most notable example being 721 where triads launched a terrorist attack in Yuen Long and instead of doing their job, the police fucking closed the police stations and hung up on citizens who called 999 for help. It’s been months and I’ve yet to see anyone convicted. This resulted in a complete breakdown of citizen’s trust in the police and it’s why some people feel motivated to take justice into their own hands when the policemen clearly don’t do their jobs.

      1. Most of them are peaceful but you can’t deny the fact there are brutal animals like ones shown in the clips.

  7. It’s totally not true! The HK evil authority and dirty cops colluded with gangsters and attacking HK innocent people, we’ve been performed very peaceful in the first 3 months, but after numerous attacking, arresting and abusing even murdering happened in HK done by the evil cops, the people now strike back. If the people continue to fight for more than 6 months, not afraid of being caught, tortured and even murdered, there must be something seriously wrong with the government. you won’t trust communism, will you?

      1. All are facts. It’ video. Not only pictures. If you hv eyes. You can clearly see it. If you hv brain. You know US. What they DONE to HK. If you hv heart. You will concern, care where you are living. Because you don’t know. May one day will happen to your country. If you’re not American.

  8. Whoever doubt the legitimacy of the videos are morons. Some protesters are way more aggressive than the police and this is the fact.

  9. Those videos are the evidences to prove the truth that thugs are violent and destruct HK society. Most citizens face fear and lose the freedom of speech and outdoor activities because we are afraid of being beated.

  10. Most protesters are peaceful? So what? You can’t deny the fact that there are violent rioters since 612.


    Why most “peaceful protesters” condemn the police instead of condemning the violence used by the rioters? All this time, the police use only non lethal weapon such as tear gas, baton, rubber bullet and water canon, while the rioters have been escalating Knowing that there are extreme violence and many of those who use violence are students, condemning the police and turning a blink eye on the rioters’ violence are no different from instigating more violence and encouraging the students to continue on the wrong route. What adult should do when the kids have done wrong is to guide them and reason with them, not encourage them nor punish the people who tried to stop them.

    By the way, you are not real Hongkonger nor real Chinese. You’re merely publicity secretary of HK independence from LIHKG.

    By saying “most people aren’t violent”, “the police use excessive force”, “the government ignore the people” or “CCP is the evil regime”, you are trying to justify the use of violence by the rioters and defame the Communists. Your real evil intention is to separate the country and turn the country into chaos. Both rioters and publicity secretaries are equally despicable and treasonous. Bear in mind that you will not succeed. Any attempt to separate the country will fail.

  11. If they’re protecting land from Communism, they do everything right. Freedom requires blood of patriots and tyrants.

    Many LIARS here trying to deny facts by saying they are fake, saying “the videos are edited and don’t reveal the whole story”.
    First, I don’t think revealing the “whole story” can help you justify the beating of normal citizens, old people, women, etc.
    Second, it’s stupid to argue that the videos are “edited”. The point of these videos is to reveal their violence. Do you think hour-long “whole story” videos are needed to reveal a few minutes of beating? But well, I actually agree with the idea of “revealing the whole story”, so that you liars have no more excuse to argue that they are fake.
    Third, I want to say the same to those the condemn the police: You haven’t revealed the whole story. Why do you think the police were beating the “protesters”?

  13. Police force officers ‘ brutality has to be seriously investigated and stopped.Please deal with it with no mercy and exemption.

  14. Young protesters think freedom requires blood, while polices and politics think governance requires violent power….just a same old another day of people hurting people…To stop this, we should all believe that people should not hurt each other, no matter what the reason is.

    So my ultimate solution for end those violent behave is: bring both side cream pies or softer stick rubber balls, and legalize those two as only one usable weapon when you wanna attack each other.

    One who doesn’t follow the rules using lethal weapon will be consider as lame sucker and force out of the game by both protesters and polices. Like we all do when we were kids.


  15. So many peeps so it’s untrue asking for proof, and i wonder, why aren’t any of them showing proof of it being untrue?
    Freedom fight or whatever you called it, i support/respect what you people are sacrificing for your country. But lately, the intention of Free HK has been diverted to a level of anarchy, something i did not wish to happen.
    Take a sec/min to think, you hit pedestrian, taxi driver, elderly, suspecting anyone and everyone that you come across as pro China/police, violating them, harassing them. What happened to the HK future that you peeps have Vision? What happened to protecting your own people? Don’t just beat up people just because you think you’re right, and even adding oil and provoking other protester to do the same.

    From what i seen when HK had a light of hope to change for the people, came to a conclusion that protester are only being selfish for their current self, not for the future, not because of the past, but for your own selfish purpose now.

  16. It is definitely an event worth reviewing. These offenders must attach criminal responsibility for their actions.

  17. Fuck you for false content and propaganda from CCP. All the videos are edited. You NEVER understand the root cause of this violence, Brutal police and tyranny government are the causes of the violence.

    Liberate Hong Kong, Revolution of the ages.
    Five demands, not one less.
    Resist Beijing Liberate Hong Kong 

  18. how can you judge an event with just a sentence of explanation?
    “protesters beat up civilians”? good god how do you know who started the fight when your video is pre-edited?
    LOL i rate 0.2/10

    1. The explanation is actually very true. I saw most of these crimes in live steam from different press channels. Victims are attacked by rioters simply because of taking photos or speaking Mandarin. HK is now the No.1 city in racial discrimination although the mobs are Chinese too.

  19. 這就是香港暴徒,和野蠻人有什麽區別?他們蒙著面,生怕自己被認出來被標記了身份,以便日後可以人模狗樣的繼續在社會中偷生。試問哪一個敢卸掉面具光明正大的參與?這些暴力分子,在英美國家如果以這樣的方式打砸燒搶,分分鐘就會被美國警察射成篩子。所以我說你們永遠不會成為英雄,也永遠不會被歷史記住。。

  20. The fucking black shirtie yobs are all fucking useless losers who either live off their mums and dads or earn a living by washing dishes and sweeping the street. HKD1,000 a day is enough to make them do anything. A fucking pathetic bunch. The result of the HK voting recently was purely due to this bunch of useless fucks rushing to register themselves as voters even if nobody really gives a damn about these losers’ views. It’s unfortunate that even losers have votes in a democracy and the fuckers managed to tip the balance of the “first past the post” system and get a majority even if the 45:55 voter base didn’t really change. The mindless yobs will be fucked sooner or later, by their own stupidity.

  21. History will take these black shirtie fuckers and the fake news fucking Apple as no more than fucking losers left behind by history and trying to stay relevant.

  22. To who claim these videos are fake,

    Do you have evident to show any of these videos is either fake or edited?

    Only ONE case is enough. could you?

    I know you cant, a group of wimp liar.

  23. To who claim these videos are fake,

    Do you have evident to show any of these videos is either fake or edited?

    Only ONE case is enough. could you?

    I know you cant, a group of wimp liar.

  24. Thank u for sharing these video clips. They are so true and represent whole-heart feelings of most of the HK people these days.
    I witness most of these horrific scenes carried out by these thugs, rioters or rather terrorists. They set up barricades, throw off petrol bombs, vandalizing and set ablaze to the shops that do not like, beat up innocent bystanders, set fire to a real person (the poor old man still lives in ICU in one of the local hospitals), threw brick n killed an old fella.
    They destroyed the facilities of Poly U n Chinese U n turn these academic institutions into armory factories.
    They attacked the Police officers and assaulted anyone who disagree with them.
    My two kids were prevented from going to kindergarten at Kowloon Tong for 2 weeks because of the road barricades. I couldn’t get to work for a few days in Central because of MTR blockage.
    My doctors friends could not get to Baptist Hospital because of these ‘black’ thugs.
    The HK Police has been more than ‘restrained’ on these rioters….
    Perhaps people should watch more US news, then they would realize the US Police would NEVER tolerate these kind of violence. They would have no hesitation of firing real bullets to anyone who dares to throw bricks, petrol bombs or shoot arrows at them….
    I have been deeply disappointed by the social media n other news organization of HK and elsewhere like BBC, CNN which are dead biased in picturing these ‘rioters’ as ‘freedom of fighters’ but instead they are thugs and hooligans who dare not take off the masks in fear of facing consequences….

  25. Thank you for disclosing the truth, so many liars are telling lies. Young people, please wake up !!! Don’t be used.

  26. The Nazi group apparently encouraged many rioters to come here to make false clarifications.
    If you guys say the videos are fake, then come up with evidence. Rather than pretend that the audience are blind here and expect them not to click on the video above to watch.

  27. All these videos are come from different media. You are absolutely stupid if you believe all these media are work together to create fake news in this post.

  28. Thank you for revealing all the ‘ hidden’ truth, this is definitely not a peaceful protest. Now I’m in HK, I always scare while going out for ‘taking pictures’, saying ‘I am Chinese’ , waving Chinese flag etc.

  29. i just want to add that a man was dead because someone threw a brick and hit him on his head. A man in wheelchair was hit by a truck and passed away because the traffic light was down and dare to guess who broke the traffic light????

  30. Dear Black Shirt Hoodies,

    Please feel free to go on strikes (you don’t have a fucking job to go to anyway, “protesting” on the street from Monday to Friday), but don’t block the MTR and traffic to stop the others from going to work. Unlike you and your 1000 HKD a day payment for fucking up HK, we have a family to support and a living to make. It will be greatly appreciated if you stop beating up or killing the elderly and cleaners whose jobs are to clear the streets and undesirable flyers in the city – they are just doing their job.

    Best regards,
    An honest working man

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