8 thoughts on “Why police raided the university?

  1. Wow! they want to turn Hong Kong into Syria, their learning grounds into dumping sitesâť—
    Smell fishy and familiar

  2. What led the students to even think of taking this kind of action? They’re definitely smart kids, so it’s not likely they just up and decided to make petrol bombs for no reason.

    1. Hong Kong is a civilized society governed by the rule of law. Whatever the thugs’ beliefs or demands are, nothing could justify their riotous, violence, and inhumane actions. That’s it. We are discussing the rioters criminal behavior in particular, not their reasons to participate in riots, and definitely not the amount and intensity of the force used by the Police. Don’t you dare shifting the topic of discussion here and attempting to shield for the thugs. Their other identities might be students or teenagers, but when they participate in riots and conduct violent acts towards law enforcement parties and civilians, their identity is rioters.

  3. should add the videos of petrol bombs being thrown at civilians when they were clearing the road, and the one of bricks being thrown at civilians when clearing the road. can also add the fire bombing of the cross harbor tunnel booths, as all of this was done from the vicinity of the poly

  4. You simply confuse cause and effect and pass it off as “fact.” The police attacks on the university came first, the students defending their universities was a REACTION to the police attacks, not the other way around. This is literally pathetic…………

    1. First of all, the terms “attacks” and “assaults” only apply to the radicals, the police were enforcing the law to disperse the crowd with necessary minimum force. Second, students were just one of the radicals’ identities. When they involve at an unlawful assembly with riotous characteristics, their identities were rioters, thugs, radicals, criminals, and suspects. Lastly, stop using “protect Hong Kong” as an excuse to justify the criminal behavior, there is nothing in Hong Kong that calls for your protection. Even worse, you guys are destroying Hong Kong. In fact as a full-grown adult, you probably have better knowledge and experience to distinguish right from wrong, but yet you are one of the people advocating violence and inciting riotous behavior that contributes to social unrest in Hong Kong. You know who is pathetic? YOU ARE, GEORGE.

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