5 thoughts on “Who started the violence first?

  1. Right. The police are the one who started using tear gas and other weapons against peaceful protesters, but then when the protesters start attacking the police later, this counts as “violence first started by protesters” because apparently using tear gas against unarmed people doesn’t count as violence. What a joke.

    1. If the party using tear gas is not the police but general public like you and me, then yes, we committed a crime. However you selectively ignore the simple truth that it was the police (though you spelt the word correctly, but apparently you again selectively forgot who the police are! Just to remind that the police, like their peers around the World are “LAW ENFORCEMENT FORCES”. Ring any bell now? That is how police all over the world handle protesters that would not disperse beyond approved time limit. The permit for all protest alike is timed, meaning you need to leave the scene when time’s up, young lady. Law En-FORCE means they are empowered to use force where and when necessary to preserve law and order. Please, this is no kindergarten tea party and do yourself and the viewers some respect! Your post exactly demonstrates to the World how ignorant and twisted mind the group you support and you yourself are, nothing more.

    2. Dude, are you blind? You can see in the video how “PROTESTORS” start throwing bricks and other objects, and then some of them even start charging the police with metal sticks and so. All the police did here was FIGHT BACK after they were CHARGED by those rioters.

      Seriously are you blind? Do you need glasses? Or are you just so heavily brainwashed that you borderline on schizophrenia, even denying obvious footage in front of your face?(yup that´s called borderlining on schizophrenia) You know, we have mental institutes for people with schizophrenia.

  2. I would like to disagree. Please pay attention to the bricks that are flying at the police! Those are bricks not tou Fu ! If this happened in the States, do you think the police will use pepper spray? Really, when you listen to these lies about police brutality, naturally your attention drawn to police and only see their actions. Their actions are only reaction to the violence of the terrorists!

  3. You just turning the fact upside down !

    Just think why do the police needs to use TG if you guys behave well after what you so called a peaceful protest !

    Police are our civil disciplinary force to protect our city and the citizens but not protecting those who damaging and hurting HK !

    You better wake UP and not writing those false statements or news anymore to inciting others !

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