Hong Kong peaceful protest hijacked into riots and violence

Hong Kong protesters called “fight for democracy and freedom” to cover their violence acts, they burnt man alive, assaulted civilians, bullied elder and abused women.
What the HK former governor said about the violence
What Neil Bush said about freedom in Hong Kong
What about police brutality?
There is another site tells a more comprehensive story Truth HK

They burned civilian alive, beat women and elder, also attacked police officer

They threaten drivers’ lives by throwing objects from height

They turned university into weapon factory

They built lethal weapon


Old man beg protesters for mercy

An old man was besieged because he was suspected to remove postings from protester “lennon wall”. He knelt down and beg for mercy, then one of the pedestrians escorted him to get on a car. However, the old man latter got dragged out and beaten by protesters.

Taxi driver beaten and soaked in blood

A taxi driver was beaten up by protesters in Sham Shui Po after he was suspected to have rammed his vehicle into a crowd.
The protesters accused the taxi driver was deliberately ploughing through the crowd, but the taxi driver claimed the vehicle was out of control because a protester was attacking him in the front seat. The following video shows some of the protesters were vandalising the vehicle before the incident.

What’s it about

I’m not a “brainwashed” patriot who carries a Chinese flag and cries when hearing the national anthem. I’m just a normal person who couldn’t tolerate the lopsided media turned a blind eye to the violence of protesters. It is funny to see such a shallow thinking from some of the foreigners who thought anyone against the violence protesters are from CCP or their puppet.

You can have a trillion reasons to hate CCP and I respect that, but don’t let them cover your eyes to see the other side of the protesters, show some respect to the victims, especially the women and elder who got bullied and beaten in this city which ranked 16th in rule of law.

The site only discloses the dark side of the protesters because they are buried by the western & local media. If you want to see police brutality, feel free to google or check out the comments on my site. I’m sure there are plenty.

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390 thoughts on “Hong Kong peaceful protest hijacked into riots and violence

  1. For the first few months, ordinary HK citizens are afraid to speak out. The vigilante mob will dox and beat them up. This is the evil they are preaching. Majority of HK citizens are suffering and living in misery due to violent rioters.

  2. thank for your effort, i keep sharing your website to 9ag to let the foreigner see how peaceful they are.
    i got a suggestion that you can also update those video about those “Roadblock” built by the rioters, and the “裝修” situation in hongkong

  3. It’s funny that the rioters can not even formulate any reasonable argument instead of just copying and pasting “fake news”. First, those clips are not fake unless you can provide any evidence. Second, this website is not designed to show a comprehensive picture of the whole movement. Just as the author literally said, “The site only discloses the dark side of the protesters because they are buried by the western & local media. If you want to see police brutality, feel free to google or check out the comments on my site. I’m sure there are plenty.”. Obviously the rioters can not read. Third, the rioters seem to believe whatever said by the “authorized press” without knowing that any media can be biased. Those clips were not covered by your “authorized press” does not prove those clips are fake, instead, this proves the “authorized press” is biased. Wake up young people in Hong Kong! Do not be used as a tool to achieve other people’s political interests!

  4. I can smell the fear of those rioters for exposing their violence to the public. That’s why they’re still copying and pasting “Fake news” in the comment like some sort of bots.

  5. Please DON’T believe the content & videos of this web site, those are not the real situation,
    the videos are cliped in order to show the people behaviors !

    The best thing they (CCP) did is to mis-match the “reason & why” of those video clips.

    1. Here comes a Rioter/Internet Ghostwriter with a stupid display name (People working in CCP
      ) leaving a comment-You just couldn’t accept the fact that rioters wanna kill Normal Citizens or what?

      You guys have already killed an old man (Working as cleaner) by throwing bricks to his Face, now waiting for more of your excuses

      1. The old man was killed by a group of people who threw bricks at the so called rioters. There are many videos showing that.

      2. Don’t make it sound like he got killed while working. He was throwing bricks to the protesters.

    2. I can say that all of this web contents are real. We are living in fear and under attack.I am just one of the citizens in Hong Kong. Hong Kong people are extremely split in two and many of family are broken up!

      Many of people like you are broadcasting the extremely misleading information and send out to the world.

      Make me very sad is our young generation come out to be violent protestors because of those kind of misleading information, LIKE YOU !!!!

      You said this web contents are clipped. I can say that your information are clipped and find a “best” angle to attack Hong Kong Government and Hong Kong Police Force! AND HONG KONG PEOPLE ! OUR FAMILY!

      You harm our beautiful Hong Kong ! Shame on you !

      God is watching you! Take care !

  6. They ARE true. I witnessed one in person: My insurance agent was slapped in the face in a meeting with me by a person dressed in black, for saying things against the protesters.

  7. Lawmakers in Hong Kong should really stand up to this violence and not allow this to deteriorate any further. Instruct the police to open live rounds against any protesters causing trouble. It has gone on long enough. 格刹勿論 is the way to go. Enough bullshit already.

  8. More than 90% of the local media are on the rioters’ side. Any facts that are against on the Pro-democracy believers, they called them “fake news”. When we are living in a such subjective norm society, then how can we trust those so call a “freedom fighter” to fight for a real democracy for HK. That’s the darkness joke of 2019.

  9. People talking about oh how the video are cut and you don’t see the full video, under what context is a mob ganging up beating a man justified ? under what context justifies destroying shops, subway and burning building ? just because you don’t get what you want ?

  10. THANK YOU for speaking the truth. I am a HK citizen & my heart is broken over all these videos. I have watched these videos week after week, and can attest to the authenticity of these videos. Some bystanders who stood up to the protestors are friends of mine, and victims: friends of friends. These are the blood and tears of real people. For the people who ignore these videos and deny them every happening is so wrong, and borderline evil. I would love to help you spread your message in any way – the world needs to see this site. Please reach out to me, I can help send you content that I receive in my local groups everyday, or even with the overall site. Thank you again!!!!!

  11. Most of the comments containing the words like fake misleading sounds like coming from the same people speaking in the same tone. It seems that there’s somebody spamming.

  12. If you are truly a normal person who has not hardened your heart to either side, I encourage you to consider this with an open mind. I shall assume that the videos are true and taken in context according to the title, for I believe protestors may have committed some or all of the above. However, I would like to say that I do not know for certain, for there is much fake news circulating.

    Assuming this, I disagree that violence can be condemned without first considering the circumstances surround the situation. Like a fight between children, a teacher cannot rationally decide who is in the right based on the level of violence used by either child. Rather, a logical decision can only be achieved when one considers the entire circumstance. A teacher cannot decide who started the fight (ie. initiated injustice) and condemn the child who happens to punch harder; what if the kid that punched harder was actually the child who was attacked? Unless there is sufficient information from neutral bystanders, you cannot make a rational decision. Therefore, neither side can be condemned simply by video footage of violence alone.

    That being said, I am in support of the protestors. I will clearly say that I am not neutral, because everybody should have a stance on the issue; to not take a stance is to not think. And I will let you know why if you are willing to keep an open mind.

    Considering the circumstances of the protest, it initially started out peacefully with 2 million people on the streets without any violence. Protestors have only had to fight back when the government had been unwilling to retract the anti extradition bill and police elevated the violence with tear gas, rubber bullets and now real bullets. The fact that the protestors still hold the moral high ground is revealed as the majority of the HK population (approx 75%) hold little to no trust in the police. People attempted to come to the rescue of students when they were surrounded by the police. Morality is inherent in people, and as listed above, typical judgment will conclude that if you are comparing the morality of both sides, the protestors are not as bad as the police.

    That being said, the reason why protests have not been stopped is because people want to see justice, which the police have not been carrying out. When only one side gets punished, injustice is further elevated, which will only escalate the situation further. This is the true reason why it has turned violent and perhaps why some protestors try to take matters into their own hands. Perhaps this is what you mean by “hijacked”?

    I hope that this will shed some light on the situation. I am willing to keep an open mind if you can present to me that what I have listed is illogical or untrue.

    1. I believe in no circumstances should a person got beaten up for having a different opinions. In no circumstances should a person’s freedom of movement be disrupted, property be damaged…..

    2. Police and government being bad does not justify beating up other citizens and burning stores. If you want to use unlawful violence towards civilians in order to force the government to accept your politic requests, this is exactly the definition of terrorism.

  13. Gradually the Western media start reporting rioters’ violence, BUT mislead the publics as somewhat flight back to police excessive force.
    We better have a clear view of date order, in order to tell the world the truth, rioters violence was much earlier than the media told!

  14. If the internet banned this website, then I think the world have no freedom of speech or human rights anywhere. People that said that this website only contain “fake news”, then please tell the other part of the world that they are reporting “fake news” too, because some of those people injured in the videos were reported in CNA, BBC, SCMP, NOW, etc. Just that “protesters” are afraid to be responsible to their unlawful act, and hoping that the western countries continue to pity them like “innocent” people getting hurt by the police.

    1. Western media has been very biased. They do not mention violence and riots. Only gross over as pro democracy protesters. The Hong Kong media is also biased. Only now we start to hear about this. Thumbs up for Hong Kong police who show professionalism and restrain! World class! If it happens elsewhere, many deaths will be resulted. Utmost respect to them .

  15. Nice edited video to damage the protestor image.
    All those assault is usually provoked or attacked by anti protestor.
    The burn men alive was a stunt usually low temperature alcohol.

    Show some video of police brutality i dare you.
    And hundreds so called suicide case as well as gang raped and force abortion witness and comments.

  16. Admirable effort to expose the truth about this attempted Colour Revolution. The cowardice of these so called Democracy protestors is sickening. I wish I was in Hong Kong now, so I could get my Gwilo hands on them. What planet are these fuckwits on? They seem to yearn for the rule of former Narcotic dealers that treated their fathers as coolies and their mothers as prostitutes! Is this the sum of their aspiration.
    Still if they miss Gwilo’s whip that much, I am happy to oblige and make them happy.
    Bunch of spoilt brats, mixed with snake oli Evangelic Christianity – what a rats next it has bred!
    To many Hongers have a high nose when they think about the mainland, but that is no longer justified. Now it is the other way round ad Mainlanders are looking down on you.
    Hongers need to stop resting on their Laurels and start to make a real effort to compete again.
    Still these kids are the perfect poster boys for Neo Liberal values, no courage, no honour anf no face, just whinge, whine and gang attack!
    Rot in hell worthless children!

  17. Would be great if dates could be added to all videos, and if it was in date order. Preferably newer videos at the top.
    This would make it much easier to find new videos as they are added and to reference them from elsewhere.

  18. Western media has been very biased. They do not mention violence and riots. Only gross over as pro democracy protesters. The Hong Kong media is also biased. Only now we start to hear about this. Thumbs up for Hong Kong police who show professionalism and restrain! World class! If it happens elsewhere, many deaths will be resulted. Utmost respect to them .

  19. Nice to have this webpage consolidate most disasters created by the mobs. They’re NOT protestors but a bunch of rioters supported by US CIA organization, attack Chinese national owned banks, bullying people who scold at them, destroy train system etc. These mobs dont even know what respect and manner are.

  20. Hong Kong policemen treated the protesters like the animal not a human being, they beated them until unconscious, broken their arms and legs. barring the first aid and ambulance to save the protesters, raped the girls while they are detained. All these behaviour are illegal and should be prosecuted, but Hong Kong government denied everything and refuse to form the Independent Commission of Inquiry. A lot of protesters were died without justice. That’s now we are in Hong Kong. All vedios here are bias not fair to the protesters and peaceful citizen.

  21. Shame on those provoking all these. Shame on those saying things without reasoning and factual basis. Shame on those who mess up right and wrong by their political stance.

  22. This entire webpage is laughable for several reasons (1) There are definitely some of the young people making extremely poor decisions. They should be held accountable. But to suggest this represents ALL the protesters, or even the majority of protesters is absolutely laughable. You even repeated several incidents multiple times just to make your list longer which is laughable. The overwhelming majority of protesters are peaceful and nonviolent but that’s completely irrelevant. WTF does commies even care about peaceful nonviolent protests? Police force even BAN those nonviolent protests since August. Police have ATTACKED nonviolent protesters (2) In EVERY incident you listed here.. .EVERY TIME… there is some peaceful nonviolent protesters who interfere and stop the stupid attacks. Watch your videos again. This is already evidence that for every 10 dumbasses there are fearless decent people ready to stop their stupid violent attacks. (3) It’s almost impossible to guess how many attacks instigated by CCP, triads or undercover officers attempting to smear the protest movement. Look at this page… rather than deal with protests _cause_ you just nitpick some of the symptoms caused by this evil government and blame the symptoms rather than the disease. You’re not even logical. There are people running around anonymously attempting to make the protesters look bad with these evil actions and impossible to know who they really are. (4) SHOW ME one incident of police violent attack on peaceful protesters and even ONE officer stops the attack by other officers. Zero. ZERO. So… even in those so-called “violent rioters mobs” there are humane decent people willing to stop the violence… but among police there are zero. You people are truly disgusting. Accusing only one side but ignore the violence from the other side. It’s like accusing the victim for daring to fight back against the rapist, but don’t blame the rapist at all. You are SICK. (5) Why is it that people complaining about protesters “violence” absolutely REFUSE to deal with the violence from the government? Why is that? Tell me, why? Why? The government violence is the cause of this chaos, but you just want to nitpick some violent young people enraged by the government attacks on peaceful protesters. NONE OF THESE will ever happen if the government would ever simply allow those peaceful protests, but no, cannot. Why? Because CCP = raw brutal naked violence. So stop pretending you care about “harmonious” society. CULTURAL REVOLUTION. Remember it? Commie-created chaos, destruction and murder all across society. This was Mao’s brainchild. CULTURAL REVOLUTION. The problem with commie lies is they are easily exposed by anyone who knows.

    1. (1-2) Nobody said that ALL protesters are violent. This website just discloses what some protesters are crazily violent. (3) Sure, every bad thing was done by CCP. It is obvious that CCP hires people to throw petrol bombs towards pro-CCP police, and instruct pro-CCP police to fire tear gases to those hired people to let you guys complain about police brutality. Brilliant move from CCP! (4-5) Go read the first article of this website. Oh I forgot you can not read and think so I copy the author’s word here: “The site only discloses the dark side of the protesters because they are buried by the western & local media. If you want to see police brutality, feel free to google or check out the comments on my site. I’m sure there are plenty.”

  23. For sure the information is lopsidedly recorded to mis lead the readers. Some are even purposely mis matched, for example, the old man was hit to death by brick thrown by people throwing bricks to the protestors. The man on fire happened in the afternoon of the same day that a young unarmed student waas shot almost to death by a policeman in the morning. From June to Sep, the official figures shows only 2500 dead bodies were found, and almost 300 suicide case, 30per cent than that in the period last year.

  24. Its meaningless if you cannot confirm that the people who do violence to the others are the real protestors or the undercover of the police.

  25. False news, who is dress in black? Police officer, how many student pass away? Not one police die! Despotic rule Stronger than student. How the Hong Kong government hide the bad news from police be done.

  26. Thanks God, finally somebody telling the truth of what I see in HK. The protestors, who claimed themselves to be non-violent, peaceful citizens, are indeed the source of violence. The created chaos, destroyed every infrastructure, attacked innocent citizens who tried to voice against them.They deprived others of freedom of speech and freedom in anyway we could think of. Whenever they’re criticized, they would tell naive lies about how the undercover of the police did all the bad things instead of the true protestors, or they will put the blame on the government for causing their unlawful act. Frankly, none of these can justify their unlawful, irrational, violent act directed to innocent citizens who hold different political views, or simply telling the truth. Please don’t hide the dark, but true side, of the protestors from the others. Let people see and judge on their own.

  27. Thx for showing all video as the violent had blocked or covered by most of the HK media. Its a solid proof for the western countries, thx.

  28. Every shot seamed to be so real and cruel, but did they reveal the whole truth behind the scene? Why was the taxi driver beaten? – because the taxi driver drove his car and hit against a crowd of people; a young girl was hit and sustained multiple fracture of both lower limbs. Why was the mainland visitors beaten? – because they used knives, metal chair and many kind of hard objects to hit and slaughtered the protesters. Many police were said to be beaten but did they show how the police tortured the youngsters with over brutality and cruelty? Many cruel scenes were done by undercoverd people in black but blamed the protesters for doing these things. If you follow live scenes of various TV stations at the same time you’ll discover that some well known station will only show what they want to show to the public.

  29. All these clips are edited . These are not real facts as some people ( pro China) are trying to accuse the young protesters . These people tried to take the pics of the protesters so that they can send the photos back to China . They tried to snatch the masks off the protesters to take their close ups . In some occasions , some used their cars to run the young protesters down ( and they handicapped a young girl for life in one occasion ) . Some of them used knives ( or hammer ) to assault the protesters, not to mention the infamous police brutality in the last few months . As our leader ( pro Chinese miss Carrie Lam ) refuses to set up an independent investigation committee to investigate these incidents., the truth may never revealed .There were more than 2000 corpses found in the last few months and were all marked as suicide cases ! Please try to help us find the truth !

    1. “2000 corpses”, REALLY? Where did you get the number from? This is just another excellent example that people like you are willing to make up whatever things as you wish.

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