Hong Kong peaceful protest hijacked into riots and violence

Hong Kong protesters called “fight for democracy and freedom” to cover their violence acts, they burnt man alive, assaulted civilians, bullied elder and abused women.
What the HK former governor said about the violence
What Neil Bush said about freedom in Hong Kong
What about police brutality?
There is another site tells a more comprehensive story Truth HK

They burned civilian alive, beat women and elder, also attacked police officer

They threaten drivers’ lives by throwing objects from height

They turned university into weapon factory

They built lethal weapon


Old man beg protesters for mercy

An old man was besieged because he was suspected to remove postings from protester “lennon wall”. He knelt down and beg for mercy, then one of the pedestrians escorted him to get on a car. However, the old man latter got dragged out and beaten by protesters.

Taxi driver beaten and soaked in blood

A taxi driver was beaten up by protesters in Sham Shui Po after he was suspected to have rammed his vehicle into a crowd.
The protesters accused the taxi driver was deliberately ploughing through the crowd, but the taxi driver claimed the vehicle was out of control because a protester was attacking him in the front seat. The following video shows some of the protesters were vandalising the vehicle before the incident.

What’s it about

I’m not a “brainwashed” patriot who carries a Chinese flag and cries when hearing the national anthem. I’m just a normal person who couldn’t tolerate the lopsided media turned a blind eye to the violence of protesters. It is funny to see such a shallow thinking from some of the foreigners who thought anyone against the violence protesters are from CCP or their puppet.

You can have a trillion reasons to hate CCP and I respect that, but don’t let them cover your eyes to see the other side of the protesters, show some respect to the victims, especially the women and elder who got bullied and beaten in this city which ranked 16th in rule of law.

The site only discloses the dark side of the protesters because they are buried by the western & local media. If you want to see police brutality, feel free to google or check out the comments on my site. I’m sure there are plenty.

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391 thoughts on “Hong Kong peaceful protest hijacked into riots and violence

  1. A man got hit in the head by a metal sheet just because he is moving the roadblock set by protesters. The strike is powerful enough to kill a man instantly, and that’s what you so-called peaceful protesters did.

  2. I see you left out the videos of foreign women begging protestors to stop. Then we all noticed that all of the people protesting China are local HK women and local underemployed incel young men. Shame on all of you for believing CIA meddling just like they have done in every country on earth. All so you can get a taste of a western lifestyle and your little Elliot Rodgers.

    1. We don’t need western lifestyle nor those hypocrites who protect the property benefits of those rich and fooling the poor to fight, sitting behind screen and type with empty word. All you do is to kidnap Hong Kong to get a better deal for continued robbery to China. Shame on you.

    2. Shitty western lifestyle made them such freaks. Shame on you, hypocrite!
      Your cia is behind this aswell for sure. You have a lot of boldness to act haughty like if you are something more than a pirate. Continue tossing provocations and you will get justice!

    3. Your cia spread the coronavirus too. Personally contaminated me also. I will answer.

  3. I suggest people carry a whistle and signal for help. People nearby can blow their whistle to show support and call the police before the situation get worse. It could be an non-violent mean to get out of the situation by using the whistle as a scare tactic. Of course we need everybody against violent to take part before it will work.

  4. We need to find away to get this to post on Reddit HK. At least is some balance to the stuff that gets posted there.

  5. Ukrainian neo-Nazis are now in Hong Kong to join the protest / riots. Refer to the article as reported by “The Grayzone”, https://thegrayzone.com/2019/12/04/ukrainian-nazis-hong-kong-protests/

    Let the HK police, etc. know of these activities.

    If you know anything about the present situation in the Ukraine and the U.S. involvement… there might be connections to these neo-Nazs getting funding to travel and stay in Hong Kong.

    In my next post I will provide a link to The Grayzone’s video on the NED (National Endowment for Democracy).

  6. Here’s a video from a YT channel: The Grayzone, it is titled: Inside America’s Meddling Machine: NED, the US-Funded Org Interfering in Elections Across the Globe. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NzIJ25ob1aA&t=10s

    Although you might make a direction connect between NED and the Hong Kong protests / riots… you can have an understanding of what NED is about and since they have a presence in HK this video can have its merits to be posted here.

  7. I don’t know if you will post this.. but it’s something for Hong Kongers to understand about the U.S., they empire build to serve their capitalists… it never trickles down to the 98%, just like how the few rich families rule in Hong Kong

    Watch this video titled, ““United States” to Imperial America: Our Hidden Empire” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Df4R-xdKvpM

    Watch this video titled, “US Wants To Own Latin America (w/ Journalist Ben Norton)” https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=1&v=XLETst107M0&feature=emb_logo

    And here is a 3rd video titled, “Chris Hedges: Empire striking back in Latin America” https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=308&v=1P5G9S8flnY&feature=emb_logo

    Open your eyes to who you invite inside your house!

    1. Hey, Chin if you do think the protestors are peaceful ?
      Then you must be blind to believe this kind of shit and twisted stories you make yourself to believe.

      HK police is only empowered to use force to prohibit occurrence of crimes. You are conditioned and brainwashed to see the second part of the event. It is fair to say the police is to defend themselves being impacted by extreme violence. You have a mirror in your heart to understand the fact, but you choose to be blind. Shame on you.

    2. I truly believe that if they did the protest peacefully, the police would not use any violence means to stop the them!

    3. I’m sorry, you’re very very wrong. I was helping clear a WALL they built on the MIDDLE OF THE ROAD. We were with a bunch of neighbours around the HKU on Pokfulam Road. The students unhappy that we were trying to re-open the road to the HKU Hospital, dropped Molotov cocktails on us. There were NO police anywhere around and it’s the first time I’ve ever felt the heat of a petrol bomb. The news didn’t report this. They just reported a peaceful stand-off. I lost all trust in media right then and there. It was very very sad.

  8. It’s funny when half of the comments are saying that those videos are fake, edited, or cut but none of them can provide the “uncut” or “unedited” version of a single video out of all these videos.

    1. Support HK police. If you look at how they planned and acted since May 2020, you can see how their performance had significantly improved from last year.

  9. All r fake, see the wounded, I don’t think HK professional doctor can sewing that bed , Many undercover pretend protesters, cut n paste, popo got gun Shields batons , who injured hahaha

  10. Why “Action and reaction !” ? The protest started peacefully at the beginning.
    People had been killed by police, a young girl was murdered and threw in sea.

  11. thank for your contribution, without these kind of website, i am afraid that in the future no one know what happening in 2019, i am so afraid these rioters control the media and control the history, just like what AmeriXa had done to the story of 64.

  12. I don’t believe the policeman will take action against legitimate demonstrators, and I wonder know why these mobsters treat their fellow citizen like this.

    1. Because they are powerless to fight the police so they cowardly took it out on innocent bypassers, especially women and old people.

  13. They attacked my friend, repeatedly hitting her head with umbrellas! She tried to run away, but they chased her and won’t let her go. She was already bleeding, crying and begging for mercy, but they still keep beating and beating! She just took a selfie. What’s wrong with you people?!!

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